New Workwear Jacket High Quality Summer Short Sleeved Work Clothes Factory Uniforms Wear Jesistance Auto Repair Working Jackets

New Workwear Jacket High Quality Summer Short Sleeved Work Clothes Factory Uniforms Wear Jesistance Auto Repair Working Jackets
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Ultrasonic importing is much stronger than normal sonic wave.
High frequency, good directivity, strong penetrability and great expandability.  
One of best gift for your loved one.
Two working modes: continuous working mode and discontinuous working mode.
High definition screen for your easy checking of time to prevent overtime treatment.
Cooperated with skin care essence contributes to deep leading in the skin and promote skin effective absorption so as to keep skin white, young, elastic and tender.

Whitening and Moisturizing, Smoothing Wrinkles, Face Detoxification, Lifting Skin, Removing Mole, Freckle, Spot, Removing Tattoo.
Using this machine on face detoxification, removing moles, freckle, wrinkles, lifting skin, smoothing fine lines, removing tattoos etc.
Suitable for home or professional use.






After checking this instrument, the supp 1.00MHZ-1.1MHZ (loaded).
The working time range is 1-30 minutes (one minute step adjustable).
output power 0-10W adjustable
pulse output modulation frequency 4HZ



Working principle

In the process of ultrasonic transmission to the body, it is absorbed by the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue, and the absorbed ultrasonic wave is converted into heat. The thermal effect of the ultrasonic wave makes the organism\'s tissue temperature slightly rising (0.5~1 C), promoting the function of the capillary and the flow of the cell lymph, which helps to transport the necessary nutrients to the cells. Capillaries, promoting metabolism. Close to the surface of the skin, there are no capillaries in the surface of the skin. Lymphatic fluid instead of blood flow can help the flow of the lymph to make the rough skin new and promote metabolism. It also helps lymph flow and maintains healthy skin.

Product function
When ultrasonic waves are sent to the tissue 1 million times per second, the tissue will vibrate with ultrasonic waves for 1 million times per second. Slight vibration stimulates tissue and skin tissue, relieving tension, maintaining the elasticity of the skin. The heat generated by the vibration makes the fat decomposed easier and helps prevent obesity.
Absorb nutrients from the skin
Cosmetics that provide skin nutrition must penetrate into the skin to achieve its effect. However, most of the outer epidermis (epidermis) of the skin is obstructing the cuticle and granular layer, which can not penetrate into the deeper part of the epidermis.
Excellent cleaning effect
When ultrasound is transmitted to the skin surface, it produces transient pressure and vibration locally. This effect helps to remove the excrement from the skin surface and pores. Lumps or acne are inflammation caused by sebum blocking pores. Ultrasonic vibration is conveyed to the skin, which makes the sebum in the pores easy to discharge and helps you prevent pimples or acne.
A glossy and transparent skin
Melanin is the main cause of freckles, skin stains and dark skin. Ultrasound promotes the oxidation of melanin and desalination of freckles, but the color spots and the black skin are different from the freckles on the surface, because the light colored cells that cover the base of the melanin are darkened to the surface. The vibration and heat of ultrasound can promote the discharge of melanin in the deep layer of the epidermis and make the skin white and beautiful.
Product features
1, ultrasonic beauty apparatus, with beauty, weight loss, chest function.
2, cooperate with skin care products, essential oils, weight loss essence.
3. Medium and small probes can meet different skin care requirements. With the use of spot scanner, let the absorption be more adequate and keep away from spots.
4, the power is constant and safe, and the quality is excellent.
5, beauty salon essential equipment, is also the first choice for personal care.
6,Plug: us(If you need European specifications, please buy the Transformation plug at the local level.)
Instructions before use of ultrasound
1. The general method of ultrasonic cosmetology is the direct contact treatment of the ultrasonic head and the skin, the sound head moving evenly in the treatment area, or the slow linear round-trip movement for the slow circle movement.
2, before use, use appropriate cleansing cream to clean facial skin.
3, pat on the face with suitable convergent water.
4, gently wipe the water of convergence, so that the skin can be thoroughly sterilized and best protected.
5. Analyze the nature of the skin and choose the appropriate ointment to smear evenly on the face.
6, switch on the power supply, select the appropriate outlet socket and connect the ultrasonic probe.
7, according to the power switch, adjust the power size, in general, use the green and yellow parts.
8, adjust the appropriate time, usually 15 minutes.
9, choose continuous wave or pulse wave according to need.
10, if you can choose the appropriate Chinese medicine film to reverse the film, the skin will feel refreshing and pleasant.
Explanation of ultrasonic use
1, before you do ultrasound, you should clean your face.
2. First apply enough cream to start the sound, so as not to burn out the head.
3. When the knob is adjusted to zero or the energy output lamp is extinguished, the probe has no energy output.
4, sound head can not be long (more than 30 minutes) output ultrasonic energy without cosmetic operation, so as not to overheat the sound head damage.

5, after the ultrasonic finish, we should clean the probe.







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