Baby Monitor Portable IP Camera 1080P HD Wireless Smart Baby Camera Audio Video Record Surveillance Home Security Camera

Baby Monitor Portable IP Camera 1080P HD Wireless Smart Baby Camera Audio Video Record Surveillance Home Security Camera
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APP account registration:
(Android system) open the App into the login interface, first to register the account, after the registration is successful, landing into the client interface.
I 0 S system) need to enter the WIFI settings, according to the software prompt can be operated.
Add device operation methods:
1、Press the switch panel hand control button for 5 seconds to flicker, and click "+" below the first surface of the software to start the search.
2、Select the name you want to access and enter the password ( remember to remember the password must be selected , otherwise the power - up cannot be automatically networked ) ;
3、When the state indicator is blue and bright, the configuration is successful.
Use of timing switch function:
The function of time switch is different from our traditional timing setting. It executes a command based on time node. Therefore, the command of opening and closing is set separately. After setting an open command, we can set up a closed execution command again.
Timing function, as long as the set time, the execution of the set command state, such as manual change in the middle of the state, do not affect the timing continues to be valid, to the execution of the command time, or will execute the set command.
Share-implement multiple mobile phone control devices:
Prerequisites: need to control the device mobile phones, must download and install easy Micro App. must register account login, to share.
The shared account receives the sharing order and controls the device after confirmation.Main account management mechanism:
With product equipment, configured account number, with control master authority.
The main authority of the mobile phone account can use the sharing function and revoke the sharing function, and the shared is not shared and revoked.
Common problems and troubleshooting:
1.The device has just been configured, showing off-line status, mobile phone can not be controlled properly.
2、Focus on checking the WIFI name and password for the connection.
3、WIFI name or password contains-bar, underline and other special symbols, if necessary to modify, delete device reconfiguration.
4、Whether the WIFI router is set to prohibit new devices or unfamiliar MAC addresses, or to open the anti net function, if any, please modify the router\'s parameters.
5、The renewal period IP protocol router to router or permanent, often transform IP address will lead to equipment dropped, please revise the parameters inside the router.
6、Check that the device is installed too far from the router and that the router signal is too weak, resulting in disconnection and improved WIFI signal strength.
7、Check if app is upgraded to the latest version, if not, upgrade.
8、If the problem remains, please disconnect the device for 1 minute, then log on to APP to remove the device and reconfigure it. If the problem has not been resolved, please contact the manufacturer.
Remote matching mode:
Press "learn button3" status to display.Then they press any button on the remote control manufacturing signal.It means successful learning, if it displays flash 3, up to twice.
Output mode interpretation:
1、 Self-lock: press the same remote control button, press, relay open, then press, relay off.
2、 Interlocking: according to the remote control "A" key, the relay is open, the remote control "B" key, the relay is closed.
3、 Point move: press the remote control "A" key, relay open, release the remote control "A" key and relay relays. If you press the remote control "A" button, the relay will remain open. When to release the remote controller and when the relay will turn off.   
1、Do not operate, should close the power supply operation, detection and determination after the use of electricity.
2、When the remote control voltage is not enough, please change the battery in time (when the remote control battery voltage is not enough, the remote control distance becomes close.
3、Attention should be paid to avoiding metal mask when using wireless electronic products. There are strong sources of interference for large electronic devices, electromagnetic fields, etc., so as to avoid short distance or remote operation of remote control devices.
4、Do not use this electronic product improperly. Abnormal use will reduce the performance and life of the product, seriously damage the product and will bring your safety risks.