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Oписание продукта

Original JMD Super Chip Red Super Unlimited Copy Chip King JMD Handy Baby Key Copier JMD Chip for Clone ID46/4C/4D/48/47/T5 


Notice: now this 100% original JMD Red Super copy chip not have paper carton package, all king chip use plastic bag pack it, please must know about it before order. thank you


The JMD red super chip will need programming by a group dealer or by the locksmith for Handy baby key programmer - chip can be programmed many times!

The Chip is compatible with the following models:

King Chip Can Be Used As ID46 Chip, 4C/4D Chip, G ID83 Chip, T5 ID20 Chip, ID70 Copy Chip


JMD Super Red Chip =JMD King chip + ID47 + ID48 Copy Chip





10PCS-LOT-Original-Handy-Baby-Multifunction-CBAY-Super-Red-Chip-Universal-Chips-Replace-JMD-46 (1)TombingKey