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Oписание продукта


Function: Eliminate odor, filter dust, sterilize, absorb TVOC gas, aroma function
Power mode: Cigarette lighter battery Battery/solar
Applicable space: 10-20 cubic meters
Two flavoring functions: solid aroma can be added, or liquid flavor can be added.
Three working modes:
[Mode 1] Blue indicator light: Starts with the car and automatically turns off within two minutes after parking (this mode is the system default mode).

[Mode 2] Red indicator light: This mode is a powerful mode. It is recommended to use a new car with a bad smell inside the car. When using it, you must connect the power supply and push more than half of the slide cover to get a larger air volume (purification box) Will work until the power is exhausted).

[Mode 3] Green indicator light: This mode will also emit negative oxygen ions for ten minutes after parking. It is suitable for use when you stay in the car for a long time after parking. (With the car starting, it will also generate a negative ten minutes after parking. Oxygen ion

[Light button]: The LED indicator can be turned on or off at any time. The red indicator flashes 2 times and the machine is turned off.

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